Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited

Republic Bank Limited acquired 51% of the shareholding in National Bank of Industry and Commerce Limited on November 20, 1997. The subsidiary was officially rebranded as Republic Bank (Guyana) Limited on June 2, 2006.

Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited

The Barbados National Bank of Barbados became a subsidiary of Republic Bank in 2003 with the Bank's purchase of 64% of BNB's shareholding. On July 1, 2012, Barbados National Bank Inc. was rebranded to Republic Bank (Barbados) Limited.

Republic Bank Trinidad & Tobago (Barbados) Limited

Republic Bank Trinidad & Tobago (Barbados) Limited offers a wide range of offshore banking services.

Republic Finance & Trust (Barbados) Corporation

Republic Finance & Trust (Barbados) Corporation is a merchant bank.

Republic Bank (Cayman) Limited

Republic Bank (Cayman) Limited offers a wide range of private offshore banking services.

Republic Insurance Company (Cayman) Limited

Republic Insurance Company (Cayman) Limited is a captive Insurance Company

Republic Bank (Grenada) Limited

Republic Bank acquired 51% of the shareholding of National Commercial Bank of Grenada Limited in 1992, and changed the name to Republic Bank (Grenada) Limited on April 10, 2006.

Republic Caribbean Investments Limited

Republic Caribbean Investments Limited is an investment Company.

Atlantic Financial Limited

Atlantic Financial Limited is an International Business Company .

Republic Finance and Merchant Bank Limited

Republic Finance and Merchant Bank Ltd. (FINCOR) is the Merchant Banking arm of the Republic Bank Group. FINCOR was incorporated approximately 34 years ago and is a substantial contributor to Republic's financial performance through its ability to creatively tailor-make financial solutions to the investment objectives and needs of its clients.

The principal types of business undertaken by FINCOR are:
  1. Accepting medium and long-term Fixed Deposits
  2. Accepting short-term deposits from institutional investors
  3. The provision of medium and long-term finance
  4. The provision of mortgages through its own funding and on an agency basis
  5. Providing consortium/syndicated loans
  6. Leasing
  7. Project Financing and related Project Management Services
  8. Managing, arranging and underwriting issues of marketable securities, including stocks, shares and bonds
  9. Managing of stock and bond registers
  10. Consultancy Services
  11. Broker/Dealer Services – Eastern Caribbean Stock Exchange
Republic Securities Limited

Republic Securities Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Republic Bank Limited and a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange.

London Street Project Company Limited

London Street Project Company Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fincor, was formed in 1995 to undertake specialized project financing and related management activities for specific projects under the Build Own Lease Transfer (BOLT) financing mechanism and its variants.

Republic Investments Limited

Republic Investments Limited is an investment – management Company.

Associate companies

Infolink Services Limited

Infolink Services Limited is a joint - venture corporation equally owned by the four leading commercial banks in Trinidad & Tobago First Citizens Bank Limited, Republic Bank Limited, The Royal Bank of Trinidad & Tobago Limited and Scotiabank of Trinidad & Tobago Limited.

G4S Security Services Limited

G4S Security Services Limited has been operating since 1986 and is the most diversified security service provider in Trinidad & Tobago. Republic Bank Limited has a 24.5 percent shareholding in the Company and the other shareholders are Neal and Massy Holdings Limited (24.5 percent) and Securicor International Limited (51 Percent).

East Caribbean Financial Holding Company Limited

A financial services company in which a 20% interest is held. The Bank is one of the few regional banks providing development banking services to assist in the expansion of the productive and social sectors of St. Lucia.

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