Republic Bank makes primary school ‘Groot-Henarpolder’ happy with new restrooms

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After months of efforts, it was finally time for the delivery of the new restrooms on Friday, February 21st, 2020. Management, teachers and students of the school were enthusiastic and ready to make use of the new restrooms at the school. In the presence of the District Commissioner, the Managing Director of Republic Bank, Mr. Sean Husain, and the students, the restrooms were officially opened by unveiling a plaque.

The O.S. Groot-Henarpolder is located in the district Nickerie and has about 210 students. The school had been struggling for some time with poorly functioning restrooms, which caused a child-unfriendly situation. Through the Foundation Sari, the school submitted a project to the Republic Bank with the request to renew the restrooms of the school. The request was supported by the Bank as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program “The Power to Make a Difference” (PMAD). The bank strongly believes that a safe and hygienic learning environment contributes positively to the development of the students. Through the PMAD program, the Bank supports groups in the society who are in need in order to contribute to a successful community.

With a financial donation of a little more than SRD 100.000, the school has been able to build completely new restrooms. The Bank is pleased that she has once again been able to contribute positively to the Nickerie community.

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