RepublicAlerts are email alerts sent to Credit Card holders registered on RepublicOnline. Cardholders receive alerts for transactions carried using their Credit Card:

• ATMs

• Point of Sales

• Online

Transaction alerts make it easy to document every bill paid, every ABM withdrawal and every purchase made, no matter how small. They also make it easier to identify fraudulent activity as they facilitate real-time monitoring to better protect your finances.

Republic Transaction Alerts Frequently Asked Questions

These alerts will notify you about transactions concerning your Republic Bank credit card accounts.

You will receive a notification whenever you carry out any of the following transactions:

ATM Transactions - Every time a withdrawal/inquiry is made using an automated teller machine (ATM);

Point of Sale Purchases - Sent when purchases are made at physical retail outlets;
Online Purchases - Provided when purchases are made shopping online.

Alerts will be sent directly to the email address you have registered with RepublicOnline. Please be sure to update your email address in RepublicOnline to ensure you receive your alerts.

You will need to log in to RepublicOnline and from the menu select “Personal Preference” and select “My RepublicOnline Profile”.

Transaction alerts should be received within fifteen (15) minutes of conducting your transaction.

No, the alerts will be received once you are a registered RepublicOnline user.

Republic Bank Suriname Transaction Notification

Hi John,

A debit of USD XXXX has been applied to your Republic Bank Credit Card 41************04 by XXXXXXXX on 2024-04-01 05:30:40.

If you did not conduct this transaction, please contact us at

Thank you for being our customer.

Republic Bank (Suriname) N.V.

This is a service email from Republic Bank. Please do not reply directly to this automatically generated email message.

Security Tip

Republic Bank will never ask for your personal identification number (PIN), user ID (username), password, account information, or any other personal/confidential information about your banking details through a website, e-mail, telephone call, or any other medium. In the event you were to receive a request such as the one described above, do not respond and notify Republic Bank immediately via email at

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