We know it’s an important decision. That’s why we offer fast approvals and flexible payment terms to make sure that you make the right choice, as you purchase a residential lot or buy a new home.


Let us make your dreams of home ownership a reality. Our dedicated mortgage specialists will guide you through the mortgage process while catering to your needs.

We offer a range of mortgage financing options including:

  • Purchase of residential property
  • Construction or renovation
  • Utilization of equity for investments, emergencies, expenses, debt, education, medical etc.
  • Purchase, construct or refinance a non-owner occupied residential property for investment purposes

Residential Lot

At Republic Bank, you can obtain a loan to purchase residential lots in government approved subdivisions for the purpose of eventually constructing an owner-occupied home.

  • Financing is available for up to 80%, therefore a minimum down payment of 20% is required.
  • Amortized monthly payments of principal and interest can be granted for up to 15 years (maximum term and age of client not to exceed government age of retirement). Options include weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payments.

We’re here to help you:

When you're completing your application, your Sales Officer will help you determine the terms that best suit

From 12 February 2004, a finance facility has been created by the Central Bank of Suriname in consultation with the general banks that are subject to the cash reserve scheme in Surinamese currency, in the course of which loans for housing construction, renovation, expansion with a maximum term of 30 years, may be extended from the reserve funds.
Effective January 2024, it is also now possible to purchase a parcel. The maximum term for this loan is 5 years.

How can you qualify for a 7% cash reserve mortgage:
  • Maximum loan amount is SRD 1,600,000.00;
  • A (joint) maximum income of SRD 35,000.00;
  • Title to the plot should be ownership, long lease or land rent in the applicant's name;
  • You do not yet own a house, and are usufructuary or purchaser of a house;
  • You can make use of the 7% mortgage facility only once per person, family or cohabitation;/li>
  • You must be in permanent employment or self-employed for at least 2 years;
  • Your monthly repayment should not exceed 35% of your net joint income;
  • New-build: building area of at least 40m2 and not exceeding 150m2;
  • Owner-occupied house: building area of at least 40m2 and not exceeding 150m2;
  • Renovation: Renovation and/or extension may be done up to a size of maximal 275m2.
  • 2 most recent pay slips;
  • Employer statement - not older than one (1) month;
  • A valid proof of identity: ID card or Passport;
  • CBB [Central Civil Registry] extract;
  • Nationality certificate;
  • Last three (3) bank statements of salary account (if salary is deposited elsewhere);
  • Quote / budget (approved by the appraiser);
  • Appraisal report (see the survey of appraisers);
  • Approved construction drawing and building permit (if applicable);
  • Extract from the Mortgage Registry;
  • Deed of transfer of title / purchase statement;
  • Plot map;
  • Prove of debts/obligations (e.g. contracts, rental agreement, copies of current loans or letter from the authority where the loan is has been taken out);
  • Insurance policies (life and/or fire insurance - if applicable).
In case of entrepreneurs, additionally required:
  • Financial statements of the last three (3) years supported by bank statements of the past year;
  • Cash flow projection for the coming year;
  • Extract from the Chamber of Commerce (max. 6 months old);
  • Valid business license (if applicable).
In case of non-residents, also bring:
  • Reference letter from foreign bank;
  • Print-out from the Credit Registration Bureau.
  • Depending on your personal situation, additional documents may be requested.
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