Republic Bank (Suriname) donates first kidney dialysis center for children

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Paramaribo, October 29, 2021: Yesterday the official opening of the kidney dialysis center for children took place in a festive mood. This center is the first kidney dialysis center for children in Suriname and is established in the pediatric ward of the St. Vincentius Hospital in Paramaribo.

Kidney disease does not only occur among adults, but unfortunately also among children. In Suriname there are several dialysis centers that are mainly intended for the treatment of adults with kidney problems. However, there are also children with kidney diseases. Every year, 15 to 25 children in Suriname in the age category of 0 to 18 years are in need of short-term or long-term dialysis treatments as a result of acute or terminal renal failure. Up to now, these children have been treated in adult centers, with all the associated risks. Based on this need, the hospital set up this center for children in collaboration with the Republic Bank.

“Adequate health care is a basic need for everyone, and a significant transformation in the quality of health care for children with kidney disease. When Republic Bank was made aware of this need, we were immediately on board to commit to it because we understood the difference this center would make to the health, well-being and longevity of the children, as well as to the overall health care of the country.” said Republic Bank Managing Director, Keith Johnson.

Together with the director of the St. Vincentius Hospital, Manoj Hindori, Johnson unveiled the placard and officially opened the new center. Invited guests, hospital staff and the media were also present and given a tour by doctor Keenswijk, pediatric nephrologist and the initiator of the project, who also explained how the dialysis machines work.

“One of my dreams have been fulfilled with the opening of this dialysis center because children with kidney problems now have a much greater chance of survival. In addition, dialysis can now be performed outside school hours, and the children can now go to school normally,” says Keenswijk.

The Republic Bank has already supported a total of 18 projects in Suriname through its Corporate Social Responsibility Program, The Power to Make a Difference. The program aims to support communities in all countries where the Bank operates in the areas of health, education, sport, protection of the environment and poverty reduction.

The Bank has contributed with a sponsorship of USD 131,000.00 for the establishment of this center. The St. Vincentius Hospital has provided a suitable space within the hospital and managed the project.

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